About Regal

Regal Construction is a turn-key commercial general contractor performing work throughout south Louisiana. Our emphasis on customer service and our Design+Build capabilities make Regal a preferred contractor for the private sector. Regal's scope of projects includes Hospitality , Fabrication & Warehousing , Retail Facilities , Office and Medical Facilities, and Industrial & Utility.

Though Regal Construction is a relatively new name in the construction industry, its founders are not. Owners Michael St. Martin and Marc Bourgeois have 35+ years of combined construction experience. Both are alumni of Louisiana State University 's Construction Management program and have extensive experience in Land Use Planning.

Regal's business philosophy is rooted in the belief that a successful relationship with our clients is the result of honest, open communication and an unwavering desire to build the highest quality projects. Our company is built on a foundation of moral, ethical, and honest business practices. This genuine commitment to integrity is shared by all of our employees.

Our company culture is simple- we love what we do and it shows in all of our projects. We take pride in building projects of superior quality that exceed our clients' expectations. Our exceptional employees are an integral part of our success and we take pride in their professional growth.

Regal Industrial Group, LLC (RIG), a sister company to Regal Construction, specializes in performing civil and building maintenance as wells as T&M contracts at industrial facilities throughout the region. Additionally, RIG provides craft labor for facility turn-arounds and outages. RIG places safety as the highest priority. RIG's outstanding safety record combined with their emphasis on high productivity and accountability add value to the operations of our clients which include Marathon Petroleum and Entergy.

EMAIL: Info@RegalConstructionLLC.com
PHONE: (985) 359-1970 FAX: (985) 359-1971
1707 Chantilly Dr., Suite D
LaPlace, LA 70068